Exploring The Dichotomy

Exploring The Dichotomy

Exploring The Dichotomy: Zegna & Fear of God

By Jendaya

What we’ve been waiting for:

Announced in February of this year the world of menswear’s luxury has been anticipating this drop: Californian Luxury meets Italian Tailoring. 

There were many ways we envisioned and imagined this going, but the bottom line was that it would be spectacular…and indeed it was.

Jerry Lorenzo founder of Fear of God and Alessandro Sartori creative director of Ermenegildo Zegna delivered a collection that rewrites the rules of luxury tailoring, unveiled during Paris Fashion Week it truly was a spectacle.

Luxury hoodies were repurposed beneath structured, fitted collarless blazers. Sophisticated silhouettes with deep yet rich colour palettes and fabrics that were equestrian-esque flagged the collection.

Comfortability, Wearabiltiy and Style. The collection elevated luxe sportswear sensibilities, seamlessly woven into sartorial excellence, case in point woven belts tied on trousers similar to drawstrings.

It is clear that this collection was a labour of love and exemplifies the result of true collaboration and admiration of skills and talents from “the other side”

A freedom to interpret luxury and streetwear was the intention and it truly shone through. Bravo

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