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Jendaya, Africa's leading luxury e-commerce marketplace adds cultural context and community with The Afropolitan Editorial. Get a daily dose of fashion news, an exposé on culture, lifestyle, and the latest fashion technology innovations from the leading voices on the global luxury fashion industry.

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A Bold Return: How Luxury Fashion Is Taking It Back To Our Roots
Picture this: A hot summer, you getaway to a private beach with friends. Perhaps, Elegushi in Lagos, Nigeria or Ada in Ghana. The beach quarters are adorned with rustic straw, cloth and hand carved art. Canopies and roofs are draped with rows of fairy lights. Sweet smoked traditional assorted meats and peppers straight off the fire that’s still blazing and crackling.
Exploring The Dichotomy

Announced in February of this year the world of menswear’s luxury has been anticipating this drop: Californian Luxury meets Italian Tailoring. 

There were many ways we envisioned and imagined this going, but the bottom line was that it would be spectacular…and indeed it was.

A Strong Woman in the Business of Fashion
We had the pleasure of interviewing one of Africa’s premiere and most established luxury designers, known globally for her artisanal designs – be sure to check out her incredible latest collection.
The Stylists You Need to Know…
*Disclaimer – your favourite look they’ve styled may not be the one selected below and yes the roster of clients is ever-changing*


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