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Letters from Africa – Designers Opinion Piece
Africa: our home and beloved continent has been the centre of attention this year for so many reasons. The events across the continent were heartbreaking and they birthed social and viral movements such as #EndSARS in Nigeria, #CongoIsBleeding in Congo, #ShutitAllDown in Namibia, #AmINext in South Africa, #AnglophoneCrisis in Cameroon, #RapeNationalEmergency in Liberia and #ChildTrafficking in Ghana and The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire.
Interview: Stephen Tayo Talks Photojournalism and Africa’s Street Culture as a Source of Inspiration
Stephen Tayo is nothing short of a visionary, homegrown Nigeran talent hailing from Ekiti State, who from very early in his career has collaborated with and had his work featured in the likes of Vogue, Dazed, Nike, Hypebeast, New York Times, i-D and Patta to name a few. 
10 Wins for African Creatives in 2020
Much of our homegrown talent – rooted, raised and nurtured on the continent, as well as in the diaspora – have shone through this season. Many who were once unseen, have now become an unexpected yet dependable beacon of light – and they deserve their kudos. Here’s to 10 that made our 2020.


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