Grammy Award-Winning Nigerian Producer Leriq Launches An Innovative NFT Collection

Grammy Award-Winning Nigerian Producer Leriq Launches An Innovative NFT Collection


Leiq wears the Rich Mnisi Honeycomb Sweater & matching Flared Joggers

It's barely like we need to, but tell us about yourself?

  • Wassup! Im LeriQ, A Nigerian Producer who won a Grammy for my work on superstar Burna Boy’s album titled Twice As Tall. I've worked with some talented people in the music industry, from Cassper Nyovest, Wande Coal, Wizkid, Nneka, Naeto C, Timaya and other artists such as global superstars Justin Bieber and Coldplay. I also love tech, super interested in how tech can accelerate development across a number of industries, particularly emerging markets. Fashion of course is cool too.

 So you’re into fashion?

  • I’ve always liked the ability to express myself creatively, from music- where you can literally make magic from nothing to fashion - where it’s a visual representation of how you can be feeling at a particular moment in time, or point in your life. Some of my fav brands are Versace, Louis Vuitton and of course, the go to, 'The Keeper of the Wardrobe', where I get a couple of custom pieces.
Leriq wears the Rich Mnisi Black Moon Hoodie


Why do you think a platform like Jendaya is important for Africa?

  • Why, it’s needed? if you look at every other major continent / shopping jurisdiction in the world - The UK/EU, America, Asia, they allow their participants to buy luxury clothing products across the world, at the right price, delivered on time. There’s nothing like that for Africa. Jendaya clearly fit a real niche of mixing high end fashion, delivery fulfilment and relevant payment options in a region saddled with issues across all sectors. Particularly looking at the growing middle class across Africa, with a strong ‘alte’ movement in Nigeria, South African Ama movement spurred by music, people more and more want clothing to express their personality. This platform makes that a possibility.


Having browsed the website what would you say are 2 items you’re eyeing to purchase?

  • Of course had to be one of my faves on the site, from Rich Mnisi of course, the piece I didn’t get to shoot but am super interested in is the Waves Shirt - super classy, high end and really in touch with native fashion. The other piece I was looking at was the super casual, super fresh Casablanca white Casa Sport Jacket, easy for run arounds, comfy and stylish. Sold out in my size though wink wink!


Fashion brands are continually playing in the web3 space what have been your favourite projects so far?

  • I've seen some cool stuff with Adidas really, and Prada. The NFT time capsule was probably one of the better projects, whilst Adidas was quite mainstream. Would have loved to see the GOAT Virgil put something out, I think that would have been absolutely insane. Rest in Power.


You’re into tech also, explain more about what you're doing in the web3 space?

  • I’ve always had a strong passion for technology, from how you can use it to manipulate music to more recently looking at real life applications for crypto and NFTs. So I’ve set up a company, we’re called African Valuables Collective (AVC). We curate NFT’s, an Africa focussed creative platform created by a creative? You know? Like Yuga labs for Africa. That’s the goal. We believe in harnessing the power of web3 to display talents and expose work from the continent to a global audience.

          Check us out.



Oh crazy, so what projects you have coming up?

  •  The genesis drop is the Rough Diamond collection, taking inspiration from a diamond in the rough, that’s Africa you know? So much value to be uncovered, so much talent to be polished. The NFT’s will provide holders instant access to three exclusive new tracks with BNXN and Tomi Thomas and will also further access to airdrops and whitelists of future AVC projects. Pre sale is already sold out! Public sale from Friday August 26, 2022, - 3333 in the collection, only, ever for the genesis project. We have some super interesting projects coming up.


The collection can be bought with credit/ debit card here: and can also be bought with crypto here:


Any partners?

  • Sure - so Cent NFT platform and exchange - who famously tokenised Jack Dorsey Tweet for $3m are exposing us to a more global audience and allowing credit card payments, Cassava Network and Bundle Africa who are native wallet providers across the continent assisting with cash-out processes.


Final takeaways?

  •  Yeah I’m proud of where the continent is going holistically you know, we’re reaching more people via our music and our craft. There’s a real creative ingenuity from Africa and the diaspora alike. The future of African fashion, music and culture is brighter than ever, growing from traditions and recent history into a completely new visual language - on and offline. I’m super excited for the next generation of designers, photographers, musicians and artists.

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