Gucci ‘Gets Real’ for Resort SS21 Jason Kwame

Gucci ‘Gets Real’ for Resort SS21 Jason Kwame

Gucci 'Gets Real'

During a digitalised fashion season where imagery, storytelling and presentation is more important than ever, Gucci hits the nail on the head. Labelled the ‘Epilogue’, the 12 hour live stream, show and images – set to close a much tamer Milan Fashion Week – were collectively presented with an apt behind the scenes vibe. With a clear focus on styling, models from the actual design team conveyed the offerings in an aspirational, yet accessible way. Even down to the backstage polaroid style of the shots, with post-it scribblings plastered around for effect. Fittingly, it was all a raw ode to the work that went into the collection, as workers from all walks of life have recently been spotlighted globally for their contributions during this time.

Perhaps one of its more desirable collections, women are bound to find more than one piece that can become a wardrobe staple. A perfect compilation of over 100 timeless pieces, that can be worn more than once and succeed Summer 2021.

Undoubtedly, Gucci’s new era of versatility and creativity was maintained. Alessandro Michele’s design DNA of elaborate romanticism with a 70s flair was not lost on this one. The creative director never fails to deliver on an abundance of creations, options – a synergy between ready-to-wear and tailored runway extravagance. You remember he had a conveyor belt’s worth of designs? Quite Literally.

His continuation of playful patterns, colourful textiles and emphasis on luxury accessories, fits perfectly with the African interpretation of luxe. From gold sequined take on the evening glove, matching floral print silk scarfs and blouse sets, oversized sunglasses and brooches, layered bangles and animalistic remixes of Gucci’s legendary horsebit boots and heels. If the rich aunty concept was paired with a collection, this would be it.

Flamboyant displays of labels and branding have been synonymous with African luxury market. Now, Michele’s gone beyond that, bringing a sensibility and relatability. And it was great to see  the Gucci childrenswear designer Olivia Kodé celebrated and featured as a model, bringing a sense of realism. Definitely a collection that matches Africa’s desire for clean precision in tailoring and design, with a sense of versatility and individualism in fabric and finishing touches.

Gucci knows it’s ideal customer well. And they get that the customer is essentially more than one person, living through more than one season, looking for more than one piece.

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