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Jendaya, Africa's leading luxury e-commerce marketplace adds cultural context and community with The Afropolitan Editorial. Get a daily dose of fashion news, an exposé on culture, lifestyle, and the latest fashion technology innovations from the leading voices on the global luxury fashion industry.

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Spotlight: CASABLANCA By Jendaya Celebrities in Casablanca L-R: Swae Lee, Kendal Jenner, Travis Scott and Adut Akech   When Casablanca burst onto the scene in October 2018, I remember seeing a singular article by Vogue magazine online to a mild wave...
The Innovation Imperative: Hanifa
As a black designer, Anifa sets the pace and encourages other black designers to push limits and make their own rules in the fashion world. Hanifa’s impression on people’s heart has created an appetite for an improved quality in the method of displaying and delivering clothing and services.


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