The Innovation Imperative: Hanifa

The Innovation Imperative: Hanifa

Shifting the bar and extending limits: Pink Label Collection

By Anu Kehinde


Even during the pandemic, standards are being set and the bar has been raised high. Fashion retailer Hanifa took social media by storm on 22nd May 2020 at 7pm EST. The virtual fashion show not only became the topic of the fashion industry because of its use of Clo3D technology but also connected the social media to the fashion world. 

Unlike other fashion shows which had taken place during COVID-19, where models maintained a safe distance whilst walking on a runway, Designer and Creative Director Anfia Muvemba delivered an exceptional and impeccable 3D virtual show for the Pink Label Collection.

Those who had experienced the virtual 3D runway have begun a discourse highlighting the ways in which the fashion industry will change in the future. Many are already considering the impact of 3D software and animation on existing models, urging a dialogue about sustainability and pragmatics. Discussions into the manufacturing of these 3D technologies, the education and costs needed to program Clo3D technology is also a crucial dialogue that needs to be had. In addition to this, many fashion enthusiast question the implications this innovation may have in the future for runway models employment and practice. What the new norm will look like with the development of 3D tech and animation, though exciting and transformative, raises a vast amount of questions. The way in which host buildings for runway shows, designers and models will operate in the forthcoming future is a particularly important conversation to be had. Especially with the all-round positive accolades and praises Hanifa is receiving for the delivery of its virtual Instagram Live runway show for the Pink Label Collection.

Clo3D in motion for Hanifa’s – The Pink Label Collection: The Mài Maxi Dress
More of the collection brought to life via Clo3D
Clo3D showing the Jolie caramel dress in motion

As a black designer, Anifa sets the pace and encourages other black designers to push limits and make their own rules in the fashion world. Hanifa’s impression on people’s heart has created an appetite for an improved quality in the method of displaying and delivering clothing and services. Can other designers and creative directors fulfil this hunger for new innovative ideas like Hanifa has done, or will the fashion industry remain with its traditions?

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