Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rose Artist Residency

Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rose Artist Residency

Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rose Artist Residency

By Jendaya	
Black Rock compound, 2019. © Kehinde Wiley

Architectural excellence, art to the mathematicians mind and a gem of the horizon and landscape it occupies.

Kehinde Wiley – (yes, who was commissioned as the official painter for the presidential portrait of Barack Obama) has started a creatives-in-residence programme, which reminds us of the secret and intense mass-writer/ producer hideaways the likes of Beyoncé and Kanye West orchestrate during the curation of their albums. The outcome of these is usually greatness.

The opening of Kehinde’s Dakar (Senegal) compound ‘Black Rock’ allows writers, filmmakers, artists and other creatives to spend between one week to three months on the approval of a residency application of which when accepted they will have their own private luxury townhouse, private chef, gym and a spectacular infinity pool. They will also be given funding to learn the local language (Wolof) and means to really explore the locality.

One of the special things about the residency programme is you must communicate with the other creatives in the townhouse and the locals to complete any goals you have set out to achieve during your residency. No, Google is not allowed. You will find the local hide tanning merchant for the bespoke rucksack that you were commissioned to make using those around you, whatever that’s supposed to mean.


The programme has been running from June 2019 and ends in February 2020. You can apply here

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